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Ridgewood Plumbing Heating and Cooling that has one or more reclining surfaces at any slope of between 10o to 70o angle. Any roof that falls below this range is called a flat roof and any structure that goes beyond this range is called a wall. The most common pitch roof shape is symmetrical pitched roof, with equal slopes on both sides of the roof.
For any additional fixture to be put on the roof, the US building bylaw calls for adequate support for roof structure depending on the angle of the slope.
On roof with a slope greater than 10o the following imposed load shall be provided:

a) For roof slope of 30o or less, vertical load of 91.8 kef(kilo gram force) concentrate on a square with a300mm side.
b) For roof slope between 30o and 75o_, the imposed load to be allowed is 25.5 kgf/m² and 0.

The above data is used as the guideline to formulate the installation methods of the proposed – Ridgewood Plumbing Heating and Cooling – system on a pitch roof. There are three components of a pitch roof that are directly affected by this installation, i.e. the roof rafters, the roof coverings, the battens and purlins for additional support.