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Ridgewood Plumbing Heating and Cooling offers you the perfect choice of electric under floor heating wherever discreet, comfort heating is required; ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. These include the building of or renovations to: houses, schools, care centre’s, restaurants, ski lodges, freezers, cold stores, workshops, factories as well as a number of agricultural applications and the de-icing of outdoor areas.
Floor heating can be installed into new slabs or on top of existing floors. You don't lose any valuable floor or wall space and there are no grills, vents or consoles to spoil your decor.
Having under floor heating means any room can be designed with elegant simplicity. Ridgewood Plumbing Heating and Coolingare recognized as being safe, silent and very comfortable, providing practical luxury in any room.
Under floor heating Systems Applications
Ridgewood is able to provide a number of alternative floor heating solutions, suitable when building, extending or renovating. We tell you a bit about each of our floor heating systems and help you decide which is best for your application.