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There are two pressure systems available. The pressure assisted flush system means that pressurized air is pushed into the bowl with each flush, thereby reducing the chance of clogging. However, this system is expensive and requires higher maintenance, not to mention its noise level. The gravity flush system uses the weight of the water to create pressure when flushing. This system is the more common, the more economical and generally requires the least amount of maintenance.
Keep in mind that most toilets do not come with seats. Depending upon the shape of your toilet, round or elongated, you will choose a seat to match. There are also a variety of materials available: oak, wood composition, vinyl, plastic or polypropylene, to name a few. There is also now a large selection of novelty toilet seats to choose between.
When you have chosen your new toilet you need to decide if you’re going to fit it yourself, which you may be able to do if you are confident with the tools you will have to use and fitting plumbing.